Deborah Neisius 

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ABOUT ME:  My name is Deborah Neisius. My family purchased a Belize condo in 1995 and for the past 22+ years, all the members of my family have been enjoying this tropical paradise. Since 2005, I have represented the condominium owners at Sunset Beach Resort (Also known as Sunset Condos in Belize). Sunset Beach Resort is a gorgeous Ambergris Caye beach resort.  Each condo is individually owned.  All items in the condos belong to the owners.  If you are looking for an affordable, luxury resort, you have come to the right place.I’ve had the pleasure of assisting literally hundreds of individuals successfully plan their Belize vacations.  I am an experienced, full-service Belize agent that can book everything including puddle jumper flights, golf carts, tours and taxis.  I take great pride in my guest repeat rate and hope to add you to my list of satisfied guests!  Please browse the site.  I would be happy to give you a quote.  Just email me with the dates, unit and # persons or call me and book today.   I look forward to helping you plan a wonderful!

~ Deborah Neisius

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The weather in Belize  

The weather in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Belize Average Temperatures 

According to the general "Belize" weather reports, it is always raining somewhere in Belize, but don't worry!  They are usually referring to the mainland, not Ambergris Caye which is 30 miles away.  The mainland gets more rain showers common in rainforests. The island is different and doesn't get as much rain.  The weather in Belize is very predictable.  Ambergris Caye is truly a spectacular island paradise.  Even the temperate in the famous Blue Hole at 130 feet is 76` with little change. WEATHER:  The average high temperature in Jan (80/70), Feb (80/71), Mar. (83/74), Apr. (85/76), May (87/79), Jun. (87/79), Jul. (86/79), Aug. (86/77), Sept. (86/77), Oct. (84/75(, Nov. (84/75), and Dec. (82/73).  The average water temperature is 83 degrees.  The rainy season is June-July with quick downfalls followed by sunshine.



Avg Hi Temp— Avg Low Temp —  Avg Water Tem 

January (80 70 80)

February  (80 71 79)

March (83 74 80)

April (85 76 82)

May (87  79 83)

June (87 79 83)

July (86 79 83)

August (86 79 84)

September (86 77 84)

October (84 75 84)

November (84 75 84

December (82 73  81)