At Sunset Condos you'll  never be at a loss on how to plan your day!
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Gorgeous OCEANFRONT condominium beach resort on Ambergris Caye, Belize.  Sunset Beach Condo Resort is located directly on the beach, south of San Pedro Town.  Each unit is privately-owned and for rent by owner.  Belize vacation rentals at Sunset are affordable and luxurious and comes with private verandas, freshwater pool and beautifully maintained beach.
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Caribe Island Resort in Belize.  Belize hotels with pool.  Belize beach resort with pool.  Caribe Island Condos.  Beachfront properties for rent in Ambergris Caye, San Pedro, Belize.  Belize condo.  Belize hotel.  Belize resort.  Belize beachfront properties.  Best hotels in Belize.  Top Belize accomodations
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Our privately owned Condo - Hotel - Beachfront - Lodging - Resort was listed ON TOP 10 LIST OF
PLACES TO STAY ON AMBERGRIS CAYE by the Editor of Belize First Magazine.

Sunset Condos is a small condo complex made up of three buildings.  Each building faces the ocean
directly.  Each condo has a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea.  Each condo is privately owned.  The
condos at Sunset are big and impeccably decorated.  If you are looking for affordable Belize
accommodations, you have come to the right place!

stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible and our reservations staff is happy to answer any
questions prior to your trip in addition to arranging your charter flights, golf cart and mainland
tours.   For your snorkeling and diving,
Carlos with Suya Tours is always nearby to assist you.  
Our office staff is off-site, but will greet you at your condo when you arrive.  Upon check-in, you
will be presented with instructions, keys, all the linens you will need and given tips on how to make
the most out of your vacation.   The staff is always a phone call away.  We also hand-pick a
personal cab driver who will be on call for you during your stay.  We have complimentary bikes
with baskets for you to retrieve groceries/souverniers from town. Golf cart rental can also be
arranged.  An Internet café is 1.5 miles away.

DIVINE DIVING: Belize is one of the top 10 diving destinations globally.  Utilize one of the
local, fully-equipped dive shops and take advantage of the second longest living Barrier Reef in
the world.  One popular dive site, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, is a quick 10 minute boat ride
away.  Explore endless canyons and walls.  Visit Belize’s famous Blue Hole.  Explore black coral
and giant sponges.  There’s a good chance you could swim with dolphins, glide with schools of
Eagle rays and socialize with manta rays.

SUPERIOR SNORKELING: The best snorkeling in Belize is just a short, 1/3 mile trip out to
sea.  Swim with 6 foot sharks and manta rays. You can book directly with the on-site tour
operator, Suya Tours by Carlos or we can help arrange a charter who will pick you up on our
300 foot dock.  

FINE FISHING: A fisherman’s dream with tarpon, snook,  blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish,
wahoo, dorado, kingfish and yellowtail just to name a few.  Grouper and snapper are found in
abundance with the help of a local guide.  Catch bonefish off the resort’s 300 foot dock.  

BEST BEACH:  Due to the Barrier Reef and sea grass, most of the beaches in Belize are not
"true" swimming beaches mainly due to large break walls.  However, we are the exception and not
the norm.  Our break wall is a mere 3 inches tall which allows easy access to the water.  We
recommend diving booties because of the sea grass. You and the kids can catch some wonderful
snorkeling just a few feet from your condo's front door!  Many enjoy fishing right off our 300 foot
dock because the water is so clear you can actually  watch the fish as they bite your line.        

LIVELY LOCALS:  One of the best features of Ambergris Caye are the locals.  They are fun-
loving, laid-back and refreshingly friendly.  It is truly an honor to have such gracious people so
proudly share their piece of paradise with us.  It is said they never wear shoes, but they always
wear a smile.  People like this should be treasured.

AWESOME ADVENTURES:   Let our reservation staff arrange your mainland tours
for you!  
The jungles of Belize have an abundance of wildlife from exotic birds and howler
monkeys to jaguars and crocodiles.  Visit the Maya ruins or go deep into the jungle to enter caves
filled with ancient Maya relics.  Explore the rain forests.  Take boat rides down the winding  
rivers.  Enter mysterious caves or travel to exotic waterfalls. The tour companies are organized,
efficient and fun.   Mainland tours are a day event where you will leave in the morning and return
mid to late afternoon just in time to take a sunset nap in a hammock, or quiet stroll along the
beach, before you make dinner plans.

DELECTABLE DINING:  On Ambergris Caye it is never hard to match your meal to your
mood.  Dine in condo or go out and enjoy one of the wonderful restaurants on the island.  There is
a lot of fun to be had in San Pedro.  Many restaurants have live entertainment.

ROYALLY ROMANTIC:  Celebrate your wedding, anniversary, engagement, or simply your
union together.  Many couples cannot help but feel celestial wonder in renewing the beauty of their
relationship in such a magically, tropical paradise.

WISH-FILLED WEDDING:  Want to get married in Belize? Many couples choose to
honeymoon on Ambergris Caye.  Some choose to wed there.  Whether you would like to
exchange vows underwater in the Blue Hole, near a waterfall, or on the beach; we would help
make your dream wedding become a reality.

WONDERFUL WEATHER: The weather is predictable.  The Ambergris Caye are is truly a
spectacular island paradise.  Even the temperate in the famous Blue Hole at 130 feet is 76` with
little change.

Month                Avg Hi        Avg Low        Avg Water
Mar .......................83..................74......................80
Apr........................85...................76..................... 82
May.......................87...................79..................... 83
July .......................86..................79......................83
Oct ........................84..................75......................84
Nov .......................84...................75.....................84
WHERE IS BELIZE?  Belize is South of Mexico off the tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.  Ambergris Caye
(Am-BUR-grease Key) is the largest island in Belize.  The island is only 25 miles long and is located in the crystal-
clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.  The coastline of Ambergris Caye is protected by a 190 mile Barrier Reef, the
second longest living coral reef barrier in the world.

TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS:   A passport is required of US, Canadian and European visitors.  If your passport
expires in 6 months, you need to renew it now. Citizens of some other countries are also required to obtain a
visa.  Passport, return/onward ticket and sufficient funds (at least $60/night) required.  Visa not required for stay
up to 30 days.  If visit exceeds 1 month, obtain a stay permit from the Immigration Authorities in Belize.  AIDS
test required for those staying more than 3 months; US test accepted if within 3 months of visit.  For longer stays
and other information, contact the Embassy of Belize, 2535 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20008
(202-332-9636) or the Belize Mission in New York at (212599-0233). For information regarding visas in Belize
please call 011-501-822-2423.

WHAT LANGUAGE IS SPOKEN?  English is the official language of Belize and the exchange rate is simple...$2
BZ = $1 US. The Electricity runs the same as the U.S. 100 Volts AC.  Belize observes Central Standard Time w/o
observing daylight savings.  The Ethnic make-up of Belize consists of 44% Mestizo (mixed European & Maya),
30% Creole, 11% Maya, 7% Garifuna and 8% other.

WHAT IS AMBERGRIS CAYE?  Ambergris Caye is the most popular tourist destination in Belize.  Ambergris
Caye is a resort island with good lodging, restaurants and water sports.  Unlike Belize City, the streets are made of
sand and you will not find a building over three stories high.  The second most popular tourist destination in Belize
is Cayo district where you will find lodges, Maya ruins, butterfly farms, Mennonites, the gateway to Cool
Mountain Pine Ridge and mighty Caracol plus all sorts of outdoor activities including river running and caving.  
Most people choose to stay on Ambergris Caye where they can enjoy the quaint town, slower-pace and beautiful
beaches.  Most people take day tours to the mainland.  The big tour companies make it a day event and will pick
you up in a jet boat and transport you to the mainland.  They will feed you and provide all transportation.  They
are organized, efficient and fun.  You will leave in the morning and be delivered back to Ambergris Cay by mid to
late afternoon.  

HOW TO GET TO BELIZE:  Belize is easily accessible by direct flights from Charlotte, Dallas, Houston and
Miami with connecting flights from many other cities.  The Phillip Goldson International Airport  (BZE)is the main
port of entry into Belize.  Four major airlines service Belize out of the U.S.:
  1. American Airlines or 1-800-433-7000;
  2. Continental Airlines or 1-800-231-0856;  
  3. US Airways 1-800-622-1015;
  4. Taca Airlines 1-800-400-8222 or;
  5. Delta Airlines

HOW TO GET FROM BELIZE CITY TO AMBERGRIS CAYE:  You have two choices.  You can take an 1
hour 20 minute water taxi f or you can take a 15 minute charter flight.
These rates are for reference only.  Please
refer to the appropriate web sites for current pricing.
 The resort is 30 miles from Belize City on the island of
Ambergris Caye, exactly 2.34 south of San Pedro.

flight must be scheduled prior to departing from your trip.  This charter can be arranged through our reservations

IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT BELIZE:  Government:  Belize is a democratic member of the British
Commonwealth, with a Westminster-style system with a prime Minister, an elected house of representatives and
an appointed senate.  The current prime minister is Said Musa, a British-educated lawyer of Palestinian and Belize
heritage.  Belize is the size of the U.S. State of Massachusetts with a population of 240,000.  Ambergris Cay has a
population of 4500.   English is the official language but Creole and Spanish are also widely spoken.

ABOUT SAN PEDRO:  San Pedro Town (Saint Peter Town) is the only town on the island of Ambergris Caye.  
The town of San Pedro is an evolved fishing village where the dress is casual, the pace is slow, the people are
friendly and the streets are still covered with dirt and sand.  Many of the local pubs have dirt floors and the island’
s dress code consists of t-shirts, shorts and bare feet.

HOW SAFE IS AMBERGRIS CAYE?:  Safety is always a concern and common sense should be used
anywhere you travel.  The most common crimes against tourists are petty theft and pick pocketing.  Violent or
physical crimes are rare.  In general, Ambergris Caye has a much lower crime rate than Belize City or the
U.S. In

 .  #1 World-class diving/snorkeling.  Regardless of level or ability there is
a mask for you in Belize.  #2 Maya Sites.  Belize is the center of the Maya world.  Dozens of ruins can be visited
and Cahal Pech, Caracol, El Pilar, Lamanai, Lubaantun and Xunantunich are some of the most interesting.  #3
Ecotravel (Wildlife, birds and nature).  Most of Belize is untouched and uninhabited with over 500 species of birds
and 700 species of butterflies.  Rare animals still thrive in Belize's bush.  #4 Adventure.  Adventures to fit any level
including hiking, canoing, kayaking, wind surfing, caving and spelunking.  #5  Culture.  Belize is a fascinating
multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-lingual society.

MOVIES FILMED IN BELIZE:  Two good movies that were filmed in Belize are Dogs of War (1981) and
Mosquito Coast (1986).

FUN DATES TO VISIT:  The best festivals St. George's Caye Day (Sept. 10-21), Independence Day (Sept. 21),
Garifuna Settlement Day (Nov. 19), Marti Gras (recent, celebrated with parades, paint bombs and drinking),  and
Costa Maya Festival (formerly Sea and Air Fest celebrated with beauty contests, music and dances (late July/early

WHERE IS SUNSET CONDOS IN BELIZE?  The resort is located on Ambergris Caye, Belize just 30 miles
north east of Belize City, 2.34 miles south of the "heart" of San Pedro Town.  

HOW MUCH AND WHAT TYPE OF MONEY SHOULD I BRING?:  .  The Belize dollar is tied to the U.S.
Dollar at a fixed 2(BZ)=1(USD).  U.S. Dollars are accepted everywhere.  Canadian , Mexican and European
monies are not widely accepted.  Belize Bank has an ATM in San Pedro.  There is no need to exchange currency
before arriving.  Most places accept U.S. Dollars and major credit cards.  However, they will charge a 4%
processing fee for credit cards.  The Belize government currently charges a departure tax of $37.50 per person.  
Make sure you have enough cash on hand for your flight home.

GETTING AROUND THE ISLAND: The most common vehicle is a golf cart.  We can arrange to have one
delivered to your condo. Rental fees are approximately $60 U.S. For one day for a 4 seat golf cart and $287 U.S.
for five days.  You can also rent a 6 person golf cart for approximately $105 for one day or $462 U.S.  for five
days.  We provide complimentary bikes and a personal cab driver.  Cab rides are available for approximately $10
U.S. Round trip. NOTE:  All pricing is subject to change.  These prices are for reference only.  Please refer to the
appropriate web sites for current pricing.

WHAT TO PACK:  How about a couple of swimsuits? You won't need much but  some casual clothing like
shorts, T shirts, and sandals. For nighttime, you may want to bring casual pants and skirts. A lightweight sweater
or sweat shirt will suffice for the occasional cool evening. The island wear is definitely casual and the popular
slogan is, "No shirt, no shoes, no problems."   Aside from all the standard things you would bring on any trip, the
following things will be helpful:  Extra swimsuits, light-weight cotton clothes, comfortable shoes, reading material
(maps, guidebooks), camera with extra film, small flashlight,  hat, dark sunglasses, basic health kit, insect
repellent, sunscreen, Pepto, favorite snacks, battery operated radio, light wind/rain breaker, binoculars, small day
pack and energy bars.  You won’t need to dress up, and should leave fancy jewelry at home. Belize can be hot, so
prepare adequately for the sun with sun glasses, wide brimmed hats, and plenty of sun block.  For night time and
exploring, it’s a good idea to bring loose cotton pants. Again, a sweatshirt or sweater should suffice for the
evening. You may do a lot of walking, so bring comfortable all-terrain walking shoes, and a spare pair in case they
get wet.

DIVING AND SNORKELING EQUIPMENT:  For Diving, Snorkeling and Fishing:  If you're diving or fishing
you can bring your own equipment if you wish. Diving and snorkeling gear is available for rent. When you book a
fishing trip with a guide, the fishing gear is included. If you plan to take jungle day tours to the mainland you'll
need hiking boots, loose cotton pants, and insect repellent.  As a basic rule, if you cannot get along without it,
bring a spare. This applies for contact lenses and glasses, sunglasses, flashlight and any personal medications.

CUSTOMS:  Visitors may bring in personal effects, such as wearing apparel, jewelry, binoculars, cameras and
laptops. Each person is allowed to import one carton (200 only) of cigarettes and one bottle of alcoholic beverage,
duty free.

WEATHER:  The average high temperature in Jan (80/70), Feb (80/71), Mar. (83/74), Apr. (85/76), May
(87/79), Jun. (87/79), Jul. (86/79), Aug. (86/77), Sept. (86/77), Oct. (84/75(, Nov. (84/75), and Dec. (82/73).  
The average water temperature is 83 degrees.  The rainy season is June-July with quick downfalls followed by
~ Sunset Condos in Belize ~  Privately owned beachfront property for rent by owner  Beautiful Beachfront
Belize Condo Hotel Resort
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Sunset Condos ~Heaven's not far..
BeachFRONT Property for rent by owner

IT DOES NOT GET MORE HEAVENLY THAN THIS! This condo hotel resort is located directly on the beach of the Caribbean Sea. As you
wake each morning, enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee on your peaceful, private veranda and gaze at the crystal blue Caribbean Sea with
the beautiful knowledge that some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world is a mere half-mile out.

The Sunset Condos in Belize made the top 10 list of condotels on Ambergris Caye in the article "TOP 10 LIST OF PLACES TO STAY
" by Lan Sluder, Editor of Belize First Magazine. Sunset is a quick bike ride, golf cart or cab ride away from town.  
Sunset is  exactly 2.34 miles south of the "heart" of San Pedro Town.

Sunset Condos is a gorgeous OCEANFRONT condominium beach resort on Ambergris Caye, Belize.  Sunset Condos is located
DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH, just 2.34 miles south of San Pedro Town.  Each Condo at Sunset is privately owned.  The condo rentals at
Sunset are spacious,
impeccably decorated and each  has a direct view of the ocean.

Sunset Condos is for those seeking luxury vacation rental accommodations in Belize at affordable prices.  Sunset Condominiums does
not charge an extra gratuity like many resorts in Belize charge.  The condo/hotel-resort offers three different sized units to fit a variety of
group sizes:
1 bedroom (sleeps 2-4).  Prices as low as $150 per night!
2 bedroom w/3rd loft (sleeps 6-8).  Prices as low as $165 per night!
3 bedroom (sleep 4-8).  Prices as low as $165 per night!

Lodging Amenities
include generously furnished condos, private verandas, fully-equipped kitchens, Italian tiled floors, central air
, ceiling fans, complimentary bikes, on-site tour operator Suya Tours, daily maid service (optional and extra), large dock,
, freshwater pool and professional office staff to assist your activity planning.  It is the perfect place for solitude, relaxation, off-dock
snorkeling, beach combing, fishing, laying by the pool or lounging in a hammock.  The great Barrier Reef is located just 1/3 miles from
the shore.

Sunset Condos you will not be at a loss on how to plan your days.  Our office will gladly offer you all the assistance and advice you
need to make the most of your Belizean Vacation.

Suya Tours is a professional on-site tour operator.  Suya provides all snorkeling and mainland tours for your convenience and enjoyment
including Mexico Rocks, Shark Ray Alley,  Altun Ha ruins, Altun Ha safari, cave tubing, Lamanai, Maruba Spa day trip, Hol Chan
Reserve, The Blue Hole, Turneff Reef, Glovers Reef, etc.


Upon arrival, we will send a taxi to transport you a short distance to the resort where a pleasant staff will make your stay enjoyable and
memorable.  Located only a few feet away from the aquamarine water of the Caribbean, you can enjoy the sun, sand and nearly
constant offshore breezes.

Our staff is available to assist you in planning trips for scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, beach barbecues, or fulfilling your island dreams.  
Many day excursions such as visiting the Mayan Ruins, Belize Zoo, rain forest, howler monkeys, and game Preserves may be booked from
our office.

A deposit equivalent to two nights stay will reserve your condo and confirm your reservation. Balance is due 30 days prior to check-in. A
valid credit card is required to guarantee your reservation. Rates are per United States Dollars (USD) and subject to a  9% Government
hotel tax.

CANCELLATIONS *No charge with 60+ days notice.  Fifty percent refund with 30-60 days notice.  No refund with less than 30 days


Belize is one of the top ten diving destinations in the world and home to the second longest living barrier reef in the world. A quick,
ten-minute boat ride away.

The official language is English. A passport is required. And the exchange rate is easy $2 BZ = $1 US Dollar.

Our office can easily assist you in planning various excursions and adventures. Our number one goal is to make your stay as relaxing and
enjoyable as possible. There are a dozen fully-equipped dive shops on the island and the nearest one to you would be one mile away.  
Arrangements are made for them to pick you up on our 300-foot dock.

The staff is eager to answer questions and assist your needs. Whether you would like them to line up an intimate catered candlelight
dinner on your private veranda or line up a chartered boat, you can count on them! You will never be at a loss on how to plan your days.

Belize is easily accessible by direct flights from Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, and Miami with connecting flights from many other cities. On
average, the flight is three hours. The condominium is located 30 miles from Belize City on the island of Ambergris Caye, less than three
miles south of the San Pedro airstrip. Fly internationally to Belize City and then take a 15-minute chartered flight to San Pedro Airstrip.
The charter flight must be scheduled prior to departing for your trip. This charter flight may be arranged through Tropic Air or Maya
Island Air. Last verified, they charge approximately $109 round-trip.